Fran Kirby #thedifference

Director(s): Greg Hardes & Jacob Proud  ··  Gauge: ARRI Alexa XT  ··  Lenses: Cooke S2 Panchros  ··  Client: Capital One Bank  ··  Production: Unit9 Films London ··  Agency: WCRS

Second of a three commercial series that I recently shot for Capital One Bank UK, the series follows three football stars and traces their journey to success.

Fran-Capital-One-01 Fran-Capital-One-02 Fran-Capital-One-03 Fran-Capital-One-04 Fran-Capital-One-05 Fran-Capital-One-06 Fran-Capital-One-07 Fran-Capital-One-08 Fran-Capital-One-09 Fran-Capital-One-10